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rakút (tenderness)

ϟ Hannah. 19. Home = Colorado. But for now I'm located in Wisconsin.
You would think I smoke more weed than I really do. Harry Potter changed my life. Music regulates my sporadic heartbeat.  marauder(s) up to no good
my dumb face

Whatever you do, don't blink.
Aug 4 '13


who’s idea was this? Did someone really think this was ok? No… this is not ok.. I’m gonna go cry now.

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Aug 4 '13
Aug 4 '13


the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

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Aug 3 '13

theislandofdoubt asked:

Hannnnnaaaahhhhhhh. Hey! Just going through my following list and I realized I hadn't seen your name on my dash for awhile. Hope you're doing well!

Tristan! Hi. Do you still have my number? Text me!

Aug 1 '13

I’m baaack

And I’ve missed this place.

Mar 14 '13

It’s 4am. Luckily my only class (in which I have an exam) isn’t until 1:20!

Mar 13 '13


reblog if you are the new pope

Mar 13 '13

Just another night where all of my “friends” go out without me and don’t even think about inviting me.

I need real friends.

Mar 13 '13
Mar 13 '13

Ditching German, watching Weeds, and probably going to eat like 1000 Reese’s. Today is a day for bad decisions. Though I’ll probably go to Political Methodology. Probably.

Ich liebe Deutsch, aber meine Professorin ist nicht sehr gut. Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut auch. Wie euch sehen können. Ich sollte wohl auf Deutschvorlesung gegangen.